Hundred years transformation and innovation with household electric appliances to now, it was to go into new world, face the new generation and new competition. the consumer like the products intelligent、beauty、fashion、humanization more and more. We work with our customers to develop innovative solution to help reduce part cost, boost productivity and drive lightweighting. the products have extensive application in a lot of big brand, for example: Siemens phillips SONY Panasonic MITSUBISHI HITACHI DAIKIN SHARP Fujitsu kodak littleswan Haier etc.


Product: 洗衣機聯體桶
Wall thickness: 8mm
Material: PP+色母粒
Cycle time: 83s
Mould cavity: 1
Machine: MA16000
Product: 空調外殼
Wall thickness: ABS
Cycle time: 55s
Mould cavity: 1
Machine: MA12500
Product: 冰箱上蓋
Wall thickness: 2mm
Material: ABS
Cycle time: 69s
Mould cavity: 1
Machine: MA7800
Product: 空調遙控器外殼
Wall thickness: 1.5mm
Material: ABS
Cycle time: 30s
Mould cavity: 一底一蓋
Machine: MA1800
Product: 空調風扇
Wall thickness: 7mm
Material: PBT+30GF
Cycle time: 38s
Mould cavity: 2
Machine: MA3600
Product: 平板電視面框
Wall thickness: 2.2mm
Material: HIPS
Cycle time: 70s
Mould cavity: 1
Machine: MA14000

* Note: Some product configurations with the physical appearance and slightly different to prevail in kind